Sunday, February 24, 2008


Teradock's use the element of surprise to attack their prey. They have long feathered tails that mimic the high grass they conceal themselves in when sneaking up on the smaller Swamflaps. These creatures have a massive jaw backed by a terrifying toothed beak to snatch their prey and snap it's jaws tight. Once these jaws are shut it's practically impossible to open them with a staggering 15,000 lbs of pressure.
The Teradock is quick at short burst of speed giving them the upper hand once they break the element of surprise and leap out after the Swamflaps and other prey. Swamflaps are plump and juicy and often slow at taking flight so they are an ideal food source for the Teradock's. Standing at around 4.5 ft at the back they usually stick to prey no larger than their mouth can hold because they do not chew their food, they will snap at the body with one fell swoop and swallow chunks whole.

Entry by Mike Corriero