Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Stan Winston Rest in Peace

I'm sure many of you already know this, but one of(if not the) greatest creature designers for film died this week.

Stan Winston was a marvelous man, and I'm sure I speak for all the artists featured on this site when i say; His work will be dearly missed as it has inspired all of us. No single man will ever fill his shoes.

- creature artists.


Mike Corriero said...

A huge emptiness was left inside of me when I heard the news and realized one of my childhood heroes had passed away. I had high hopes to once meet and possibly work with the man I admired so much, which had been a long time dream of mine. A great deal of my art has been heavily influenced by the creatures and imagery his studio produced for so many films. It's sad this dream will remain simply a dream, but I wish his family and friends all the best and my sincere condolences through these harsh times.

Mike Corriero -

Wm.B.Hand said...

As soon as I heard about his death, I said that very thing... that there must be thousands of artists who had hoped to one day meet Stan, share their work with him, or just express to him what an inspiration he was to them, who are gonna be heartbroken that this is no longer possible.

Add my name to the list.

Our creative worlds are all richer for his influence.