Wednesday, July 9, 2008

A brief clutch of new creatures.

Unfortunately I can't show almost all of my latest work yet until their respective things are released. Hopefully a new creature soon.
In the mean time here's a few more from the site:


Invaluable to the theurgical community, the scriveners rotate their pelvises to give each pair of legs resting time during their relentless task of producing the reams of glyphs and charted incantations demanded of them.


Bred and infected from an extinct chain of Argentinean pit dogs for the purpose of killing encroaching werewolves in an urban environment.
The plastic milk jug holds water that he can guzzle as his metabolism is so accelerated (he sweats profusely and pants simultaneously) that he constantly needs to rehydrate and eat.
The baseball bat has sharp strips of jeweler's silver hammered into it with wire wrapping around to prevent the bat from splitting. This tool is specifically used on werewolves.


Long ago the god Loki, in the form of a white mare and impregnated by the horse Svadilfari, gave birth to Sleipnir the eight-legged. When Loki reverted to his natural form he gave Sleipnir to the god Odin, announcing that the steed could carry his rider swifter than any horse, by land, sea or air and had the power to enter the land of the dead and return.

Key Features:

The tail is not bobbed, but tied up on itself to prevent it being used as a handhold in battle.

Heavy iron shod shoes for dashing the heads of ice giants.

Runes instill the steed with protections from ice giants and the grasping hands of the dead.

The six legs at Sleipnir's front can lay down a vicious barrage of Levades during an airs above the ground Mezair maneuver.


Wm.B.Hand said...

Just fucking marvelous, as usual. The thought, knowledge, creativity and rendering skill that go into these is truly lovely. Can't wait to see the under-wraps stuffs.

Davi Blight said...

im a huge fan of all the "extras" you put into your characters that reallllllllly sell the character's uniqueness and persoanlity in a real living world.

That's something i really need to figure out for my own designs.

rah such character!