Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Cave Troll Sculpt

I'm taking a figure sculpture class at school. Yesterday, my normal human sculpture inexplicably transformed into this limp-haired, long-nosed, three-fingered apparition you see here. I believe he's some sort of cave troll, or possibly a tall goblin or a thin orc. I'm uncertain of my demihuman classification. Anyway, he seems fairly harmless, just not very sociable.

Wax sculpture, 6-8 inches in height. I made the base he's sitting on by taking a sheet of wax and using a soldering iron to melt other pieces of wax all over it, and then using the iron to give the base ragged edges, holes, etc. This whole sculpt has been very fun to make, and there's still work to be done on him (such as casting him into bronze).


Anonymous said...

The look of this sculpture is so interesting. I catch myself staring at it. I really like it.

Peter said...

*adds blog to the list. Your crocodile painting is sweet btw. Now, back to work!