Sunday, March 30, 2008

Beladron - Concept Dinosaur

A conceptual Dinosuar. Completely Imaginary not really resembling any 1 dinosaur since I didn't really look at dinosaur references but rather more modern reptiles and mammal anatomy. I also tried to work out the skeletal structure.

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Moai said...

Nice job again, Mike. Cool design. As far as the concept goes, though, it seems to me more like a large, evolved lizard than a dinosaur. Its skull is very lizardlike, and its tail reminds me of uromastyx (spiny-tailed lizards). I guess that makes sense, since you said you looked at lizard reference.:P
On the subject of fictional dinosaurs, do you know of Specworld? It's a hypothetical alternate earth in which non-avian dinosaurs never went extinct. It's a very complete, scientific, and creative imagining of an alternate evolution. Link: