Saturday, November 8, 2008

The Gaoler

Hi all,
This is my first post. Thanks to Davi for the invite. Lots of familiar names and some new ones too. Tons of kick ass monsters. I feel fortunate to be included in your ranks.
I guess I'm officially blogging, even though I don't really even know what the fuck that means. So, here's a guy I did for the most recent Imagine FX. The Gaoler, he is called, and he's, well, a self contained jail. I always really liked that spelling for some reason.

Nice to meet everyone. See you in Hell,



joverine said...

that is one crazy design! awesome idea behind it too-when I initially saw it I thought he was some type of gate keeper with all those keys!
self contained jail is wicked too
reminds of that beast joe mad drew for his latest game...uh...darksiders?

Moai said...

Awesome pic! I love its many-clawed feet.

Davi Blight said...

i love this piece so much,

if you guys haven't seen it in the imagine fx issue, you gotta check it out, it looks so good in print :)

Scott Altmann said...

cool! I'll have to check out that issue

Mark Behm said...

Sweet! Get some more up here!

Jim Pavelec said...

Hey everyone,
Thanks for the kind words.


Anima base said...

Wow, superb creature.