Thursday, February 12, 2009

Big Guy WIP

Here's the underpainting for that sketch I posted earlier...
It's a little dark... I'll probably brighten it up as move forward.
Comments and critiques are welcome!



RAWLS said...


William B. Hand said...

Looking lovely... Can't wait to see him finished!

I hesitate to mention it, but that area where the pectoral joins the arm... it bugs me every time I see this guy. Is that anatomically viable? My knowledge isn't what it should be, but that just seems off.

Otherwise, I love the look of him and the color values and the light thing strapped to his side and his goggles and overall rendering.

joverine said...

i luv the 'x' on his goggles and the squinty eye(assuming that eye is blind/damaged)
pretty slick design overall as well

love your style!

Davi Blight said...

i very much like it darkness of the piece, if you are going to push the lightness of the piece up maybe just use it to control focus to the face?

great stuff man!

Butch Arrington said...

This is begging to be line-less. You might want to consider blurring the pencil lines to help speed that process along quicker.