Thursday, February 5, 2009


Here's an alien scholar, reading a book. A fairly quick and loose sketch, done in pencil then scanned into Photoshop. It was fun.


William B. Hand said...

I like this guy. His angularity is very friendly. I am uncertain about his hat. I either enjoy the hat, or am troubled by it, or both. His eyes are cute. I am compelled to believe that if such a creature created books, that they would arrive in some somewhat different form than our standard rectangular type. However, that type also adds (along with the hat) a familiar context of items that provide a pleasing juxtaposition for us.

So, none of this is criticism, even of the constructive sort; It is all the addled ramblings of an old man dizzy from fatigue. His mouth and head shape have a satisfyingly elegant simplicity. Blah blah blah blah. What a weird time it is.

t_rAt said...

Funny scholar. I like it. But it seems that his right eye looks to the left page of the book, while the left eye on the right page. That's not true?

Moai said...

William B. Hand- Thanks for the comments! "Friendly" is what I was going for with this character.
The book he's reading is a human book, not an alien book, which is why he's holding it so awkwardly. Check out my post on my own blog to read the little story I wrote about him. That'll explain everything:

t_rat- Thanks! Yes, his eyes do read the opposite pages.