Thursday, February 12, 2009

DW 3 stuff

So Dominance War 4 is starting soon. I have no idea if I'll have time to particpate again... I'm going to have some major crunch in March at work. But it was alot of fun (and alot of work) last year so hopefully I can do it again. I was happy with my design for DW3 but I had to turn in an unfinished entry. But I still made it to the top 50 so that was cool!
I recently painted more on the head concept... so here it is and I figured I should post some of the other stuff too!
If only I had one more weekend.... sigh.
Here's the original forum thread if anyone is interested in the progression!


Pierre F. said...

Very nice work !!

Moai said...

I've enjoyed everything you've posted, Vinod, but this...this is fucking awesome. Excellent design. I like everything about it, from his pointy chin and dreadlocks to his tiptoed feet. His weapons and accessories are awesome as well, and I enjoyed seeing you testing out the different design possibilities. Very cool stuff, man.
My only critique is that, in the final image, some of the highlights are a bit sloppy, like those scribbly lines on his cape. Still awesome, though.

Vinod Rams said...

Thanks man! I was really happy with this guy. I felt like I really pushed the silhouette and the thicks and thins of his body. BUT yup that final image is the unfinished one. I really think if I painted that up I might've had a winner! But just top 50 for me... I still plan on finishing it up but it's one of those things that if I didn't finish it back then it probably won't be finished ever.

William B. Hand said...

Beauties! Agree about the final... Very much worth your time to go back into it and tighten it up. It looks just stellar as a smaller pic, but clicking on enlarge is a little bit disappointing. I'm sure it served its purpose, of course. :D

joverine said...

great work throughout
REALLY luvin' that final illustrion of him-wow

Scott Altmann said...

One of your best- and that is saying a lot!
I just love this -amazing design