Sunday, February 8, 2009


Some Photoshop.


wallasaurus said...

nice design, bold colours. nice DOF effect too. :)

Moai said...

He's the cutest little alien bug I've seen all day!

anima-base said...

very cuy bugs.

Vinod Rams said...

Cool design, but you should make sure to acknowledge that you were referencing this photo:

The only reason I remember the photo is because it's one of the built in Macintosh desktop wallpapers!

William B. Hand said...

Thanks everyone!

Vinod - The lack of acknowledgment was an innocent one. I actually did mention that inspiration in my original post on, but just didn't think to mention it here, where I simply wanted to post it quickly.

To keep things in perspective though: it is only the most basic idea of an up-close pic of a bug on a green leaf in shallow DOF that is referenced, and kinduv nothing specific, so technically I don't feel that any mention anywhere would really be necessary.

But, yeah, the image of the ladybug is the one I currently have as my desktop, so I guess I was successful in my desire to mimic the effect. :)