Monday, March 2, 2009

Dominance Wars mini contest

closeup of his pretty lil'mouth

initial sketch: ballpoint pen on small notepad

So I tried to pull of the Dominance Wars "General" min challenge in one night-not a smart move-but time is valuable so it was all I had X)
I'm only including the close up detailed shot of the face since I feel the full image was 'epic fail' hahaha
if you feel you must see the whole thing stop by my blog at or click the image. There's also some WIP's there and a longer description of the Dominance Wars.
oh...I was entering through the CGHub btw.



William B. Hand said...

Great close-up! I kinda dig everything about it. ( you're right about the full image, though :P )

simon dominic said...

Ha, I like it, especially the evil eye! But that's enough consorting with the enemy, may the best team win :D

joverine said...

William B.Hand: lol ya told ya so! ;) thnx also lol

simon dominic: ya he's giving the stink eye...maybe he's sensitive about his bad teeth? or lack of lips

Scott Altmann said...

I like him! Lots of personality

joverine said...

Scott Altmann: thanks scott! wish I had more time :P