Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The Visitor

I did this pic for Taron's Lifeless Forest challenge on CGHub. I wanted to do a creature that wasn't evil, and wasn't good. It just "was". It needed to survive and so it absorbed the creatures of the forest and in doing so it took on some of the characteristics of the inhabitants in the woods. I wanted this creature to look very alien, and have various materials on it that "didn't quite" mesh, yet still worked. Metal? Feathers? Scales? Wet, dry? Anyway, enough bleh bleh bleh... I hope you guys dig it!


You can see some of my WIP on the competition thread here:



Loden said...

I really like the overall creature design, you have a great mix and how you managed to combine everything toghether works perfectly! The only critique is about materials: as you said in the introduction you wanted to have various materials on it, but right now It's hard to me to say what kind of material it's made of... I mean, I miss some surface qualities like reflection (blurred? sharp?), specular highlights, roughness, wet that would let me understand what kind of material I'm looking at. Maybe just adding some highlights here and there could do the job. For example the tentacles seem to be just lift from the swamp but they look dry. Anyway, besides that, very inspiring! great work ;)

Moai said...

I agree with Loden on this one. It's a great creature design, very unique and well-rendered, but the lighting and materials could use just a little tweaking. A few well-placed slimey speculars on the tentacles and a couple hard-edged glints of light on his metallic head would add a lot, I think.

Rice and Eggs said...

thanks guys, I wish I had your extra eyes earlier on this during the WIP... I agree with what you guys are saying about the material stuff. Oh well, next time I guess... thanks for the feedback!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful...I just found this site and the very first picture I look at blows me away.

Rice and Eggs said...

Thanks so much Z.C.C., I'm glad that you dug my image. Now keep on diggin', there is a TON of gold on this blog!!!!!!!!

thanks again,

Gax said...

This is EVIL, nice one.

Filip said...

Little tweaks aside(not something I noticed straight away)- I think it's an absolutely wicked design. And the overall atmosphere of it: yummy(in evil sense of the word haha)! I would shit myself if I came across this fella in the deep forest:) Great stuff!
Man, I have been trying to remember this website url for months but never got my hand around it. I went back to one of the old copies of ImagineFX and there it was:)