Sunday, March 2, 2008

Hypo Capriate

The Hypo Capriate Species are small and excessively excited and nervous. Because of their small size they have a quick heart beat and their nervous system works in overtime, their constantly on alert mode running all over the place, left right, side to side, circles, up hill, down hill..they even try to run up trees some times though they often just fall and start running again haha.Hypo Capriates use a unique quadruped/biped skeletal and muscular system that allows them to produce a very long stride for such a small creature. When they do slow down which isn't that often, only in times of sleep which is done standing up and only for 5 minutes twice a day, they stand on their two legs and the arms stretch in a backward state. They are vegetarians though they chase and eat their food as if it were alive because they don't like to sit around in one spot for too long. So they will run by and snatch a piece of a leaf and chew it on the GO...They shit while running and they copulate with the male on the larger females back while she runs at an accelerated speed which works up the hormones. This is a sort of foreplay for the Hypo Capriates, they are hyperactive both day and night which helps keep their species alive even though they are small harmless critters that would ordinarily be prone to attack by most predators. - Updated Image on (Top)

Entry by Mike Corriero

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Wm.B.Hand said...

Mike, I really like you creature but I sortuv miss the original head... Which brings me to my main comment about this posting which is that I am completely inspired by these little thumb silhouettes that you did. I know this thumb thing is an old established technique, but I have somehow never done it before (or if I did, I met with no success). Your kickass little creature thumb silhouettes here have been kicking around in my brain for several days now, and tonight I did a (photoshop) page of them. I am so fucking thrilled about it. I don't understand how I never did this before, but I feel like I've had a little breakthrough tonight and had to say thank you for the (helpful) conceptual worm you planted in my brain.

Thank you.