Friday, March 28, 2008


Hi everyone,

I'm currently a freelance artist running around working on several different tasks at the moment.

Here's a few creature designs to get an initial idea of my work:


When the secondary explosion occurred at the reactor, spewing an almost immeasurable torrent of radioactivity into the jet stream, surrounding locales could only survive long enough to form mass graves for their dead. The under supplied, unprotected and ultimately doomed clean up crews sent their overseeing emergency committee a flurry of distress signals and sporadic reports of beasts emerging from the piles of bodies on the outskirts of towns. These beasts were said to vary dramatically, and appeared to be sickening amalgamations of people and livestock.


Cetaceans have long been used by military outfits, trained for marine mine clearance, reconnaissance, and even attack roles. However their willful, individualistic personalities caused severe problems. Escapees were common, which represented an extremely expensive loss in both resources and time, for their trainers. The J8 program solved this issue with heavily genetically modified Belugas featuring post-growth expansive mechanical grafting which fitted them to be overseen by a human pilot.


An exemplary member of a Piscine Magistrate's sub-harem; a collection of fertile females used for the sowing of seed as opposed to serving a directly pleasurable role in the prima harem. A swarm of eels harass the brood mermaid in her later stages, eager to snatch up freshly hatched young. These swarms are encouraged by most Magistrates as they consider it an excellent measure for thinning the weak offspring; immediately setting the stage for a strong and culled lineage. Brood mermaids are often given as donativum profundi, "imperial largess of the abyss", to honoured guests, as the reciprocated offering of offspring is considered an assumed display of trust in important dealings amongst piscines of high standing.


Davi Blight said...

I've always been a huge fan of your ship/creature coalesce'd designs

Moai said...

I thought it was cool enough just to be able to post with these fine artists, but Keith Thompson's here too?? How awesome is that!
Anyway, Keith, I've been a fan of your robots and vehicles for quite some time now. They are very imaginative, yet also very functional. Also, I think I enjoy your concept descriptions almost as much as I enjoy the artwork. You're an entertaining writer.

Wm.B.Hand said...

Beauties all, Keith! Especially engaged by the Pripyat beast... It's a cohesive creature in the first place, and then all the seamlessly incorporated details tell such a great and gruesome narrative!

Illink said...

This is cool! Love the concept.
Your work is inspiring to an up and coming concept artist like myself.

Mydrim said...

that sea cyborg is freakin amazing. As the rest is, I am a fan of your work