Sunday, September 28, 2008


I wasn't too crazy about the lighting or posing of this piece, but I thought that the design was kind of neat. I love creatures with bones showing or huge tusks! I love tentacles too, I had to stop myself from adding tentacles to this thing.



Davi Blight said...

i like the distortion on the chest, i can almost see a samurai or kabuki mask

Moai said...

Yes, that is a cool design. I especially like the design/expression on its face, with the stretched lower lip. I can practically hear him going "raaaaaawwwrrr!!" :P Cheesy, yeah, but I'm getting that sound effect very clearly when I look at this piece.

simon dominic said...

Cool, I like skull-faced beasts

Rice and Eggs said...

Thanks for all the compliments guys. I hadn't thought about "mask" stuff on his chest Davi but I do tend to make abstract shapes for some of the design elements rather than more structured specific anatomy.

Moai, I totally tried to give him a screaming feel. Odd as it sounds, I imagined a high pitch screech as I was painting him.

Simon, I'm glad that you like him, I'm sure that I'll be doing more skull faced beasts in the future!!!

thanks again guys!

joverine said...

wow Bart your stuff is getting stronger with each new painting! pretty awesome character-I can totally picture it making a shrieking sound as it attacks

Anonymous said...

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