Friday, September 19, 2008

Ugly and horsey

Until I come up with some new beasts here are a couple of older ones

Medusa was the snake-haired slapper decapitated by Perseus on account of her ability to turn people to stone at a glance.

The Kelpie or Water Horse is a Scottish spirit that hangs around streams and lures travellers to their deaths.


Moai said...

Beautiful artwork, man. I've seen some of your work in LMS and in the Finally Finished section of and admired it, but I haven't browsed through your website until just now. That's an extremely impressive body of work you have. You have great ideas, and more than enough skill to successfully turn those ideas into great paintings. I especially enjoy your ability to render very noisy, irregular textures, such as mixed vegetation, rocks, and soil. I find surfaces like that to be extremely difficult to render.
Looking through your gallery, I particularly enjoyed the painting entitled "Morphogenesis" ( I'm really attracted to the little furry creatures in the lower left. They seem familiar and alien at the same time.
Again, great work. Sorry for so much asspattery in one post.:)

simon dominic said...

Hey moai, thanks for the comment - glad you like my stuff. I've just been looking at your sketchbook on CA - damn! It makes me want to paint a beast right now (lurv your fishes BTW!!!) Thanks again and I'll be on the look out for more of your stuff, and that of all the other talented dudes and dudesses on this team of course :)

Davi Blight said...

love the first piece, i pictured him as cyclops at first, i think the eyebrows are a strange choice on a creature that slimy but it does make it unique :)

simon dominic said...

Hey, she's very proud of her eyebrows! If only you knew how long she spends plucking them each morning you wouldn't say such hurtful things ;)

Davi Blight said...


Mike Corriero said...

Good to see you be a part of this Simon, I've seen your work around the forums, Ballistic' books etc.
You've got a great sense of form and lighting. Can't wait to see some new creatures posted here by you. Your LMS3 final entry on your website is insane btw, hope you win.

Mike -

simon dominic said...

Hey thanks Mike, great to see so much talent around here! Yep, I know your work too, I've got some of it saved to my HD in my "inspiration" libraries :)