Monday, October 27, 2008

Creatures 'n' monsters by Joverine

I was trying to hold off posting here until I had some original content for this blog-but I just couldn't wait any longer!! I had to be a part of such epic awesomeness :) I honestly get excited when I see a new post in my blogroll and immediately click my way over! I would love to say I'll post my original 'creatureartists' art soon-but seeing as I just got slammed with work I'd be lying X(
thanks for lookin'!


RAWLS said...

Those are great dude!! Love the demon sketches on the bottom!

Moai said...

Welcome to the blog! Love those demon sketches!

Scott Altmann said...

Great! I really like the last page too. Especially the middle guy with the big toofis :)

Raox said...


Love love LOVE IT!

joverine said...

Rawls: thanks dude! those guys were a fun warmup sketch :)

Moai: thanks! this place is great!

Scott: thanks Scott! haha ya he's a goofy one

Raox: hey guys! thanks u rock!

Mark Behm said...

Very cool work! Looking forward to more of it.

joverine said...

thanks mark! I have more on my blog at and even more over at deviantart found at