Monday, October 20, 2008


This guy is called the Tupilak. He's made up of mud, bones, sticks etc.  After you create him you say the correct prayer and off he goes to do your bidding! 

These are also for Inhabit Media. Inhabit Media is re-imagining the Inuit mythology to help preserve it for the Inuit peoples.


Digisaur said...

Great illustration! Your style is very unique. I hope to see them all finished in a book someday. What size are you painting these?
Sorry if you've already answered that elsewhere.

andrewQuintiliani said...

Holy cow this site keeps getting more and more awesome! Great work from everyone.

Raox said...

We are agree with digisaur, some unique style here!

Looks great! :)

Rice and Eggs said...

Boooom! These are just the bomb dude, keep it up.


Scott Altmann said...

I think I commented on this piece on CGhub -Love the design and your linework.

texahol said...

damn dude! You use real paint? people still do that :x

looking forward to more of your posts :)