Sunday, October 26, 2008

hello there

I hope none of these are too humanoid for them to be 'creatures' :o
Some things to get me started here ;)


Davi Blight said...

most impressive stuff tex!

I never saw the white guy before, Your understanding of colors is getting outstanding :)

Rice and Eggs said...

These are awesome dood, I think I've already told you that on the Hub. You deserve to hear it again though... keep it up.


Mike Corriero said...

Welcome Tex,
What davi said about your use of color. Your lighting too, the cast shadows and light on the Crab dude is really nice.

Moai said...

That crab man is great! I've seen the rest of these before, but not that one. Great design, and excellent use of color. The blue of the sky reflecting off of his reddish skin is really beautiful.

joverine said...

wow these area amazing! saw a couple over on cghub
the 3rd one down is friggin wicked!(yes i said wicked :P)
and the zoidberg rules too-nice wet look to it all

marmotte said...

the last one, grrrr... And the second is really pretty ;)
Nice to see you here too, I can't tell you to what extent I love your work :)

Raox said...

great designs with great colors, indeed!


Scott Altmann said...

top notch !

texahol said...

davi: thanks :D 'understanding' makes it sound like I actually know something :P

rae: haha thanks for the kind words ;)

mike: thanks rhinoarms :*

moai: ah thanks dude! I love your creatures. You do a lot of interesting juxtapositions :)

joeverine: yeah...they're all recent, just not "new" :s I hope to get some new stuff going soon :)

marmotte: je t'aime :P I wish I could say something clever in french, but I am a huge fan of your work! thank you so much for the kind words!

raox: thank you :D

mr altmannnnnnn: I'm putting in extra 'N's for you for all the people that leave the 2nd off. I hope it will balance everything out.

simon dominic said...

That red dude is fantastic