Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Terror Birds and Dinosaurs

All fictional creations, none of these are actual dinosaurs or terror birds. Some of what I was doing here was mixing the idea of terror birds with the link to bipedal dinosaurs. Kind of filling in a small gap, and just playing around loosely with some ideas of dino-birds containing featherless vestigial wing-like limbs. Along with some fictional Biped Head/Busts of some Herbivore designs.


Moai said...

I really like these, Mike. Good use of various bird references. It so happens that I'm also working on a dino-bird creature. It should be done enough to post before too long.

Wm.B.Hand said...

top pic... I very much like the upper right fellow, and on the bottom pic... like the lower right profile very very much!

I'd prefer to see you including more hair-like feathers, though... the feathers on the one guy are flight feathers, and it makes less sense to me that you would draw those, when the earlier, simpler, hairy feathers were likely adorning many dinos (as well as most modern-day flightless birds like cassowaries, emus, penguins, etc.). Also, any flightless bird/dinosaur that has proto or residual flight feathers (e.g. ostriches, roadrunners) would also have the down. Not a real criticism, really, but I've been thinking a fair amount about the dino/bird feather thing lately and it's just some thoughts. :P

Beyond that, I'd like to see you fuck around with dinosaurs that have feathering and crests that echo the sort of thing that we see in birds. So many dinosaurs had crests of bone, and bone takes a lot more time and energy to evolve than crests, odd scaling, and feathers... so my suspicion is that there were any number of dinos that were wildly adorned with such, and I'm quite surprised that we just don't see any of that explored in CG recreations of them.


Ben Mauro said...

really nice mike. great exploration.

Davi Blight said...

the bird page is one of the best penciled works ive ever seen from you.

Amazinly impressed. I'm sticking it on my desktop for inspiration.

Mike Corriero said...

Moai, thanks man. You know, the only reference I really used was in my head from past research, and I did these after I got done watching King Kong (2008). I'll look forward to seeing what you came up with.

William, Thanks man. Definitely got me rethinking things and seeing a lot of mistakes I made. I think I'll explore this further and do some real research on the subject instead of winging it. I've always loved bird designs, and dinosaurs above all other things were my first love concerning creatures.

Davi, thanks for the props man. Glad I could be of some inspiration. I'm waiting to hear back about that thing we discussed a few days ago. You know that thing.

Ben, Thanks man.

joverine said...

very concvincing level of realism with these drawings!

Okmer said...

Me love the bird page too!Very nice pencilling work!
Got to get back to some pencilling also.

Scott Altmann said...

Excellent stuff Mike- I agree with Davi. One of the bst pencilled pages from you. Cheers!