Friday, October 17, 2008


This is a concept I did for creatures I would like to use in one of my next illustrations.
Still not a 100% convinced by their legs and would still like to try other possibilities.
C&C very welcom.

It are some kinda vampire guardian dogs for rich evil man.
Very faithful to their masters but very, very difficult to dress it impresses a lot other living beings if you have one.
Being vampirelike creatures they're capable of smelling blood(even al warm inside your body)from far.

As most of vampirelike creatures, one of the ways to kill them is to pierce the heart with a wooden stick.(or was it a silfer one?)
That's why the central part of the body is so well protected.
These protections and the materials used to make them shows very well the financial health of his owner aswell as his importance.

Their legs are often used to open the victims thorax, so they can eat the heart directly.
They've got a funny, almost ridicilous way of moving around..very jumperly, almost kangaroo like.

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Moai said...

I like the concept. The design is good, too, but I think you could play with it some more. Experiment with different stances. I like the bladed limbs, but I would experiment with alterations on that part of the design as well.
I like its ornate clothing, and the part about its clothing being used to show off its owner's status.