Sunday, December 21, 2008

Badial & Bevus - Imps

Hey guys,

Once again here are some cards done for these were two of 4 Imps I did. You already saw one "Bobenlik, oddly enough they all start with a "B". These two are complete opposites, you've got your Fire Imp Badial and an Ice Imp Bevus.
Badial: Fire Imp
Bevus: Ice Imp


Davi Blight said...

great as usually :)

the imp looks sort of like you!
(i kid.... sorta...yeah he looks like you.)

Mike Corriero said...

Thanks Davi,
It's just the goatee probably, though I could swear I remember you posing nude for that one.. hmm.. maybe that was something else. (tries to forget)..(shivers)

Hey, btw do you have any clue which issue the news article feature will be in for the blog?

Davi Blight said...

i honestly don't have a clue, i should send him and email and pester him to find out

Mike Corriero said...

Yea, Just send the News Writer an e-mail, I'm sure he'll get back to you and let you know. I actually just got a 1 year subscription (1 issue coming with it) so I guess I'll find out when it comes. Though I'm just curious.