Thursday, December 18, 2008

Monster Stuff

Hello everyone.

I've been invited here by Mike Corrier0. I'm a big fan of your work Mike, thanks for the invite.

I am indeed in good company. I feel very privileged.

My name is Colin Shulver & I'm a creature effects artist in the uk. I've been doing this monster stuff now for about 20 years.... which is 20 years of fun.

Here are a few pieces of my work. I'll pop by again & post some more stuff soon.

Oh... Have a great Christmas & all the best for 2009.


Moai said...

Welcome to the blog, Colin! I'm likin' your work. The last two images are my faves.

joverine said...

nice stuff!
middle ones my fav but all are pretty awesome :)

texahol said...

oh man...I just looked through your site, and your prosthetics and sculpting are mind boggling!!!

andrewQuintiliani said...

Just... wow. The sculpture is really impressive.

Scott Altmann said...

Great stuff! Glad to have you aboard Colin.

Mike Corriero said...

np glad you came aboard, awesome stuff man. Your sculptures and special effect prosthetics work amazes me. That and you can draw too ^^ I look forward to some new work you can share with us.

William B. Hand said...

Why can't we click on your pics here?

William B. Hand said...

Wow... just looked at your site, since everyone's been ooh-ing and ahh-ing about it. Just top-notch stuff. Interestingly, the few sculpts that I had issues with turned out not to even be yours, but rather the ones that you only did the "finish" on, and not the actual sculpting of. Those Vogons have been my favourite thing about that film since I saw it, and there's so much more that I recognize that I admired back whenever it was that I saw it originally. Do you have any sculpting tutorials of any sort? Your sculpting abilities have FAAAR outstripped your illustrating, as I see it. Inspiring stuff. Bravo, dude.