Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Bithkin - Imp

The Final Imp card I produced for Warstorm. Bobenlik, Badial, Bevus and Bithkin. These little guys were all a lot of fun. I went back to most of these cards to fix and adjust the value levels, add some details and put a little extra time into some where it was needed. Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas guys n gals.
Bithkin: Imp


Moai said...

This is my favorite of the imps that you've posted, Mike. I love the dinosaurish head, the huge hands, and the straining muscles in his shoulder regions. Very fierce and dynamic little critter. Nice job on the vegetation, too.
Merry Christmas to you as well! I'll have my own little Christmas image to post here pretty soon, hopefully.

Mike Corriero said...

Thanks Moai,
Yea, actually I'm gonna try and get one more up that would suit Christmas better than Bithkin, but glad you like this little dude.