Sunday, December 14, 2008

Random Creature

Hello there fellow creature lovers!
I haven't had a lot of free time lately but here's a creature I did today.

I hope you guys and girls will like it!



Mike Corriero said...

Cool Hurri,
Definitely a creature I could easily see in a videogame.. both as a queen or end boss and various smaller versions of the critter in life cycle stages. I think the single simple strong red eye helps steer him away from feeling like "another arachnid" creature as so many people will throw on a bunch of legs and like 8 eyes ^^

simon dominic said...

Beastly creature, love the painterly style. Nice job!

Greg Broadmore said...

Great stuff. It's really similar to a creature I created for Dr. Grordbort's a year or so back.
The leg orientation is quite different but the basic Hexapod structure with extra limbs as mandibles is in the same ballpark.
I like it. Creepy.

Moai said...

I love the brushwork and the spidery nature of the limbs. That single red eye is a very strange feature, so of course I love that too!


I agree 100% with what Mike said. I will mention that the perspective is noticeably screwy, and is somewhat distracting, but the overall look is so solid.

I love it.

Scott Altmann said...

I like it - the mouth/head reminds me of a zipper! :)

Okmer said...

Reminds of a zipper too haha, very cool brushwork and nice creature!Great job!

texahol said...

stuff like this gets me excited about drawing :)