Saturday, December 13, 2008

Warstorm Creatures: Challenge Games

Well, I'll start by explaining that these are done for an online CCG game called Warstorm. They just released a load of new cards for their latest expansion. The game itself is a free based online game that anyone can register and play without paying a cent, and it's addicting.
If you want to check it out go here:
Here are three of approx 26 cards I've done. I think around 12 or 13 of them I'll be able to post here concerning their level of "creature" based designs. So here are the first few, more to come.
Agmog: Fire Demon

Gishagul: Half Giant - Orc Breed

Auzubaal: Death Demon

A lot of the cards I produced were New Hero cards and some new infantry. There are now Imps, Demons, new Undead, new Orc and new Human cards too. Each of these were painted in approx. 5 hours, so I finished the painted portion in a day sometimes 2 a day. The details will be seen at an aspect ratio of around 216 x 300 pixels and much smaller when you actually play the game.


Moai said...

Cool work, Mike! There's some fun stuff going on here. Of the three, I think Agmog is my favorite. I love the flame and the gritty, splattery textures that you used, and the spiky knobs on his arms and legs.
I have some crits for the other two, if you don't mind. Gishagul is well-rendered and is a good design (I love the bones hanging from his clothes), but his pose is somewhat lacking in energy. Auzubaal is very cool, but there's something strange going on with his shoulders. I think you should make his overlap his right arm more visibly, as right now there isn't a strong sense of space or shape in that area.
Again, very nice work.

Björn Hurri said...

Cool stuff Mike

simon dominic said...

Nice work, love the one with the glowing tats

Mike Corriero said...

Moai- Thanks man. Yea, I agree..often if I'm rushed for time and even when I'm not I tend to stiffen up when posing characters. It's sometimes intentional and sometimes I just can't help it. I really need to take references and I wish I could get back to some life drawing classes, it's been 5-6 years. I think I know what you're talking about with Azubaal.

Hurri- Thanks man, hope things have been well with you. Would love to see you post more of your creature eye candy, but I'm sure you're busy busy.

Simon- Thanks dude =)