Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Joe's 1 hour monsters

bird demon
montauk monster

Hey everyone
2nd post here woohoo!
I thought I'd post my 1hour monsters here-they're quick warmups I do before's the only way I have time to get some fun drawings in-and what better way then with some montsters!!!
there's a more detailed writeup over at my blog if you're interested in what it's all about :)


Mike Corriero said...

Great bird demon, love the montauk too. Those thumbnail explorations are great.. that kind of thing is always more fun to me than sketching larger.

Scott Altmann said...

Wow- 1 hour? That's impressive stuff Joe.
I really love the Montauk monster- especially since my family and I take the drive out to Montauk all the time. I should show this to my son before we go next time :)

I'm heading over to the blog now - I want to know more!

Loden said...

Thanks for sharing this quick sketches Joe and much more thanks for sharing your "warm up" tips! I think it's a great way to get started, experimenting and be creative.
I like very much the Bird Demon, great posture!

Vinod Rams said...

Great technique! I'm going to have to try it!

RAWLS said...


Jason Pruett said...

so good. such great mood with these. . . . and grendal - is he wearing a speedo? you know what? I'm not even gonna call him on it - the diving board's all yours, man. I wasn't planning on going in anyway.

great stuff

texahol said...

you did all of them in 1 hour...or each one took 1 hour?

simon dominic said...

Very nice, especially like the Montauk dog thing

joverine said...

Mike Corriero: Thanks mike! Ya thumbs are fun-I flip flop with liking the following stages-depending on if I'm really into the design or not haha

Scott: thanks for stoppin' by the blog dude!

Loden: Np and thanks man! Lately I've been too busy to even fit in a warmup slot-I'm forced to warmup up with touching up the previous nights work :( soon again!

Vindo Rams: Yes try it! and let me know if you do-just post on my blog or here-I get update notices through google :)

Rawls: thanks again mah man!

Jason Pruett: HAHAHAHAHAHHAAHAHA dammit...uh no he just has really tiny dingleberries and his noodle retracts

texahol: yup all of this in one hour...

lol NO I wish! haaha each one took an hour and the thumbnail page was 15 minutes-more info at

simon dominic: thanks dude! got the idea after seeing something about it on youtube :P

Moai said...

Oddly enough, these get better as you get closer. It lets you see all the nice textures and brushwork you got going on in there. The opposite is true of my work, which just collapses into a heap of pixel blogs when you zoom in!:D
Very cool stuff. My favorite is the bird demon. His textures are very nice, and I love the contrast of his glowing, more abstract face with his naturalistic body.

Björn Hurri said...

You got some cool things going on there, I like them all. Nice thumbs as well

joverine said...

Moai:WHOOPS...2yr old comment...thanks ma man! wow I can't believe I posted here 2yrs ago..really?

Björn Hurri: thanks man-big fan of your stuff--srry for the 2yr delay on replying..time flew by! wtf